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TY008 Truck Tire Changer

Item No.: TY008
*TY008 is an electro hydraulic tyre changer for trucks、buses and tractors
*Equipment with a powder generator optional 
*TY008 can be run in the workshop and is suitable for mobile service 
Technical Parameters:
Rim Diamter 13" - 26"
Max.wheel weight 700kg
Max Wheel Width 600mm
Max Tyre Diameter 1300mm
Hydraulic Pump Motor 1.1KW
Gearbox Motor 1
Bead Breaker Force 2500kg
Power 220/400V  50/60HZ 1P/3P Optional

Dimensions of Van's door:
Min.height of Machines Chassis to the Top of the Door 1450mm
Min.Tidth of Inner Van 1650mm
Min.Width of Door 980mm
Thick of Van ≤160mm
Chassis of Van to Floor ≈700mm

Product Features:
1.The tire changer with small size and light weight(580kg) make the carrying vehicle can carry more service tools and tires.
2. The process of mount/dismount is fast and simple,similar to the operation methods of the fixed truck tire changer.
3. The bead breaking arm has 3 stalls,It will providing more choice during the breaking process.
4. After retracted the tire changer to the carring vehicle,you can use the locking device to turn-over the mechanism to guarantee the tire changer will not move during  the transportation.
5. The bead break disk can mount/dismount the inner tire and super wide tire.
6. The rim clamp covers are standard configuration for this model,It can protect the rim during the mount/dismount process.

Production Details:

Optional Accessories:

  Alu alloy rims protection rings

Standard Accessories:


Gross Weight(kg):580
Powder Generator & Air Compressor &  Machines(kg):880
Outside Dimension L×W×H(mm)    1160×1000×1550      1700×1100×1650