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T980 Truck Tire Changer

Item No.: T980
T980 Truck tire changer,used for buses,trucks,agricultural vehicles,and engineering vehicles.It can mounting/demounting 56"tire after assemble the extension jaws.
Technical Parameters:
Rim Diamter 14" - 46"
Rim Capacity(With Extensions) 14” - 56"
Max.Wheel Weight 2000kg
Max Wheel Width 1200mm
Max Tyre Diameter 2500mm
Hydraulic Pump Motor 3.3/4.0KW
Gearbox Motor 3.3/4.0KW
Machine Weight Approx 1175kg
Power 400V  50HZ 3PH

Product Features:
1.The hydraulic pump station is supplied by internationally professional company,with steady and reliable performance.
2.Spindle Motor with dual speed,It can improve the working efficiency.
3.The mounting head can rotate automatically,the spindle of the mounting head used the antifriction bearing,It can beoperated for the ttyre with huge resistance.
4. The carriage and main shaft can move simultaneously,two speed movement that improves the work efficiency.

Production Details:​​​​​​​

Standard Accessories:

Optional Accessories:
Alu alloy rims protection rings Wireless remote control unit (optional)

Gross Weight(kg):1410
Outside Dimension L×W×H(mm) 2310×2100×1100