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T568 Truck Tire Changer

Item No.: T568
· Semi-Auyomatic truck tyre changer T568 universal
· Self-Centering chuck rim capacity 14"-26"
· Clochwise and anticlockwise rotation of chuck
· The Hydraulic pumping station is assembled by the imported subassemblys.
Technical Parameters:
Rim Diamter 14" - 26"
Max.Wheel Weight 500kg
Max Wheel Width 780mm
Max Tyre Diameter 1600mm
Hydraulic Pump Motor 1.5KW 380V - 3PH(220V Optional)
Gearbox Motor 2.2KW 380V - 3PH(220V Optional)
Bead Breaker Force 2500kg
Max.Torque 6457N.m
Operation Control Voltage 24V
Machine Weight Approx 517kg
Overall Dimensions Approx 2500×2000mm
Power 220/400V  50/60HZ 1P/3P Optional

Product Features:
1.The main motor and related electrical devices comply with CE standards.
2. The oil cylinder of the lifting arm is center support which can avoid the distortion when operating the large tyre.
3. The electrical cabinet in line with the E-Class protection standards.
4.The aluminium-alloy reduction gearbox is used the die-casting process,with features of well sealed,oil tightness and good looking.
5.The tool arm and mounting head is made of special material which can avoid the distortion when operating the large tyre.The mounting head design with excellent angle,it makes the operation easier.
6.Equipped with the shifting plate,It will make the operation for the large tyre conveniently.
7.The movble console is easy to operate.It can be carried out from different perspectives,and to avoid misoperation.

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Gross Egight(kg):633
Outside Dimension L×W×H(mm):2030×1580×1000