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GT227 Automatic Tire Changer

Item No.: GT227
Automatic tire changer with right pneumatic assist arm, easy to dismount stiff, low profile and large size car wheels and light commercial vehicles tires
Technical parameters:
Rim clamping from outside 11"-22"                  Rim clamping from inside 12"-24"
Max wheel diameter: 1000mm                          Wheel width 3"-15"
Voltage: 380V/50Hz,220V/50Hz,110V/60HZ    Operating pressure: 8-10 bar
Motor power: 1.1kw        Noise level < 70db      Net weight: 350kg
Package size: 1250*1150*1200MM,1100*700*300MM

Product Features:
1. The process of tilt-back,forwarding and locking is achieved by pneumatic control.
2. The horizontal slide device is specially fitted with manual control device and locking plate reinforcement device,which make it more safe and stable to demount stiff-wall tres.
3. Pneumatically operated control tilting column, simultaneous pneumatic horizontal and vertical arm locking.
4. The clamping jaws, mounting head is made of high quality alloy steel and of scientific structural design protects steel rim from any damage during operation.
5. The front panel of pedal assembly is removable,which is convenient for repairing.