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C71N Magnetic Levitation System Wheel Balancer

Item No.: C71N
C71N Acquire world-wide innovative technology with magnetic drive,512 angular positions,smart position locator and on distance and diamefer SP series is the top class of CORYHI product and state of the art.
Magnetic Levitation System(MLS)and self propelled balancing(SPBU)
512 angular positions.
Smart Position Locator(SPL)
Liner Optical encoder(LOE)
Advanced spin brake(ASB)
Automatic Distance and Diameter measurement.

Rim diameter range: 10-30"
Max wheel width: 415mm
Max wheel diameter: 1080mm
Distance to spin flange: 10"
Max wheel weight: 65kg
Balancing precision: 1g
Balancing speed: 150_220rpm
Display: display key pad
Angular position: 64
Ounce/gram selectable: yes
Balancing modes: 6
Shipping weight: 135kg
Voltage options: 220V
Packing size: 980*770*115mm